AeroST Kohlegelege NCF UMS 55 g/m² 55 g/m²

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AeroST carbon NCF UMS 55 g/m²
AeroST carbon NCF IMS 55 g/m²
Fibre: Tenax® UMS40 24k / 800 tex
HM carbon fibers (high modulus = high modulus fibres) are suitable for stiffness-
relevant applications. Compared to standard types such as Tenax® HTS40, this fiber
offers more than 60% increased stiffness combined with higher tensile strength and
good elongation at break.
Width: 60 cm
Length: 310 cm
Areal weight: 55 g/m²
If very thin components are manufactured, warping can occur if a non-mirrored lay-
up is used. For this reason, we only offer sets with 2 different variants (+/- 45° and -/
+ 45°).
In this biaxial NCF, two UD layers are bonded at an angle of ± 45° with a neutral
binder. Drapeability (flexibility) is significantly improved compared to conventional
NCF with sewing thread or thermoplastic Scrim. Due to the very low degree of thread
deflection, the properties of the fibres are utilized to the full. Compared to filament
fabrics, this allows the production of a parts surface without visible fibre print-

through, which is still as stable even after months.
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