NeoCore 60 RCS 2440x610mm

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Sheet dimensions: 2440 x 610 mm

NeoCore 60 RCS is an IPN core material of the latest generation with a very fine-cell size outstanding robustness and a nominal density of 60 kg/m³.


The following advantages result from the fact that the boards are not sawn and ground but cut using a special process:


  • Very low thickness tolerance (± 0.05 mm)
  • Smooth and wave-free surface ensures minimum resin absorption
  • Completely dust-free, thus ensuring optimum bonding of the surface layers with the core material

In addition, the followig properties exist:
  • Outstanding damage tolerance (e.g. compared to PMI foams such as Rohacell®)
  • High chemical resistance (e.g. to styrene)
  • Very low water absorption
  • Can be post-cured to 70 °C, can be thermoformed from 120 °C
  • Can be used up to 85 °C service temperature
  • Beige colour (without colouring)


Important: Any minor transport damage to the edges cannot be avoided despite complex packaging. There are also occasional small air inclusions (≤ 2 mm) in the material. NeoCore 60 RCS is light-sensitive and should therefore be stored away from light. Otherwise discoloration will occur and the material will darken considerably over time if exposed to UV radiation.
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